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House-sitter responsibilities

Basic House-sitter responsibilities

The objectives of a house-sitter are firstly, to care for the pets and secondly, to give the home a "lived in" feel for security reasons.

In order to accomplish this, House-sitting.CapeTown requires each of it's house-sitters to stick to these basic responsibilities which include but are not limited to the following:

  1. To sleep at the premises every night.
  2. To care for the pets (as near as reasonably possible) in the manner they are accustomed. (feeding, walks, cleaning up poop, medication etc)  Please bear in mind that majority of House-sitter's have full time jobs or are full time students, pets that require more "during the day" care will be charged a premium rate.
  3. To keep the home at least as clean as they found it.
  4. To put out rubbish and recycling regularly.
  5. To collect mail from the postbox regularly.
  6. To ensure adequate care of plants.
  7. To ensure security measures are maintained.
  8. To ensure power and water saving measures are maintained. (Cape Town is currently under water restrictions)
  9. To ensure as far as possible that any dietary restrictions/allergens are not allowed on premises.
  10. To take cute pics of the pets and send them to Simon.
  11. To tag #HouseSittingCapeTown and in Facebook and Instagram posts and pictures.
  12. Not to keep any animal on the premises without the written permission of the home owner.
  13. Not to sub-let the premises.
  14. Not to host parties.

If you think of any other items that should be added please contact us!